10 Weight Loss Mistakes To Avoid

  1. Failing to stick to diet and exercise plan

There are many diets out-there that require specific eating plan of foods and / or calorie intake. Like with everything else in our life, we are attracted to the things that we not suppose to do and “do not eat this” is just one of them. OK, we have decided which diet we are going with and we have exercise regime set in the place. We are trying to stick with it on daily basis. Cheating is something that set us back for many days. Ones we break the rule, it might be hard to get back to our routine. Also, our metabolism gets use to specific food intake regime, so if we bring in something that we not suppose to have in our diet – it would set us all the way on the beginning. Let’s take an example of Atkins (protein) diet, where we not suppose to consume anything related to simple sugars or other carbs. It takes three days to put our body in the state of ketosis where the body no longer burns carbs, but only fats consumed and stored in our body. Even a small piece of bread (carbs) can set you all the way back at the beginning. At that point, your body will stop burning fat and look for carbs again. In that case, it will take another three days just to get back in the track where we were right before cheating.

  1. Healthy fats acceptable by most of the diet plans

OK, as we all know, our food consumption consists of nutrients: protein, fat and carbs. Each of mentioned nutrients has good and bad that come with. All diets go towards reduction in one of nutrients and incensement of the other. In addition to nutrients mentioned, we also have vitamins and minerals. All diets are ok with vitamins and minerals, but there are some restrictions related to the source. Healthy fats are also needed and not restricted by majority of diets. Many times we heard in media about saturated fat used in fast food chain industry earlier. However, there are monounsaturated fats that are healthy and one of them is coming from almonds. That healthy acid has variety of benefits and besides overall good, reduces the risk of developing a heart disease.

  1. Calories intake and small proportion meals

Eating small proportions throughout the day would help to increase metabolism and food absorption. However, it is still recommended to check on our calories intake. Many charts are available online with info how many calories would be needed based on sex, age and the type of activities that we do during the day.

  1. Dangerous and unhealthy goals

Nothing extreme would benefit us, especially starving and setting up some unrealistic goals. Calculating your body mass index, also known as BMI, should be your first step before you go on diet and set realistic goals.  Any body mass index higher than twenty six should tell you that your body is overweight and higher numbers run into obesity. Ideal body fat should be lesser than 15%, while professional athletes have about 8-10%. Set yourself ideal, but also realistic goal that should be reach over certain period of time according to your diet and exercise plan.

  1. Using artificial sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners suppose to be used by people with diabetes as a sugar substitute. However, it became very popular to use sweeteners for the purpose of avoiding additional calories. Unfortunately, sweeteners have counter effect. The more we try to replace sugars with sweeteners, our body would respond with higher craving for real sugars in different forms. The only realistic thing that can be done is to reduce sugar intake itself. Substitutes won’t work!

  1. A little bit of alcohol is not OK

Many of us believe that light consumption of alcohol would not be a problem. Oh well, it might not have an impact on our daily activities and ever driving of a vehicle if we stick to the legal frame. However, alcohol stops fat burning process and even dehydrates our body. Besides that, our brain might need even weeks to recover from alcohol intake, even without us noticing it. If you consume “just a little bit” of alcohol and you want to lose weight, try to remove alcohol from your diet totally and you will see weight loss results much faster!

alcohol weight gain

  1. Processed food vs Paleo diet

Our stores are full of processed food as well as our cupboards at home. Fresh food cannot stay that long like processed. However, processed food knows how to “stick” to our body and larger intake of fresh vegetables might be needed to get rid of fat deposits. Some diets, such as “Paleo diet” consist of sticking only to the foods that are not processed. The name itself stands for Paleolithic era, the time when humans didn’t have processed foods. No limits on what you are eating as long as the food is its natural state.

  1. Quick fixes

Many times we try to rush the things. Losing weight is not a sprint, but marathon. It takes many months to put our body in desired state. The process cannot be done overnight. Ones we achieve desired results; we would need to accept our routine as a part of our lifestyle.

  1. Weight lose and workout supplements

There are many supplements available on the market. Some of them are not so healthy, even if they are nicely packed and branded. Using supplements is definitely beneficial, but we have to be careful not to damage our health by using something that would give as temporary pleasure.

  1. The more you work out – the better results you will achieve

This is very common mistake and misinterpretation, regardless is your goals are to lose body fat, increase mass or just increase the energy. The more we workout, the lower drop of blood sugar we will experience. Trying to get to hypoglycemic state would rebound with strong sugar craving. Overall, it is important to have a good workout program in the place, since muscles do not grow only in the gym.