How to ride pro scooters

downloadMost of you have seen at least some people riding their pro scooters, performing unbelievable stunts right before your eyes. And you may have even thought to yourself how it would be cool to learn how to do some of those moves. Well, you have to start with small steps, and you first have to learn how to perform some of the smaller, basic stunts, and then, later, you can improve your game by doing more complicated ones. Also after that you can even build you own custom scooter and step up your game. But for now, we’ll just stick to the basic ones, because they really are the key for the complex moves that you see when you look at the professionals with their pro scooters.

As we have said, we have to start with the basics, so the very first thing you need to learn is jumping with your scooter. The most basic one is called the hippy jump, and you perform it by jumping off your scooter. You keep your hand on the steering controller, and just get your feet of the scooter, and then try to safely land back on it. This is the first step, and one you accomplish it, you can move along to the second one.

The second step is usually the “bunnyhop” step. You do it by also jumping, but here you need to get your scooter off the ground as well. So, when you jump, use your hands to pick up the scooter with you. So, basically, both you and your scooter will be jumping, and the key here is to land safely. Keep in mind that your scooter only has two wheels, so you have to keep your balance. Falls happen pretty frequently here, so we recommend using safety equipment. You can check out my pro scooter for some great tips on this.

Then, after you’ve accomplished the “bunnyhop”, you can try the “X-Up” move. You have probably seen this move with those BMX riders, where they jump up with their bike, tilt their steering to the side while they’re in mid air, return it to the starting position, and then safely land back. Well, that’s exactly what you need to do with your scooting. This is considered a really complex move, so don’t worry if you don’t accomplish it I the first week. It takes a lot of practicing.

Then, you san start practicing the balancing on just one wheel of your scooter. First try this out with your back wheel, and then with the front one. Try to last as long as possibly by ribbing your scooter like this. Later, once you learn how to do this, you can start jumping off of that one wheel on which you’re riding your scooter, but this should happen only when you successfully learn how to ride your scooter on one wheel!

imagesThese are just some of the moves that should get you into performing stunts with your scooter. It is true that these moves don’t look that attractive as those that the pro scooter riders perform, but don’t worry; you’ll get there as well. Every beginning is hard, and this one should get you all the experience you need to make it to the big league.