Simple Steps To Boost Brain Power

There are various ways that one can use to improve the quality of life by boosting brain power and keeping the mind vibrant and sharp. Below are some of the simple rituals to improve productivity:

Deep listening

Deep listening enables one to take a deep breath and a pause. This generally gives you the space one requires to fully listen to words. Injuries to the brain and a lot of stress can make listening, speaking as well as integration of information become more difficult. Neurons and synapses need to function and fire during communication. During deep listening, one should not rush when talking. Allow the mind to remain quiet as you allow yourself to inhale deeply then exhale completely. In case you are emotionally charged, you can write down some points to gain some clarity before one start speaking. You can also choose a therapist, a friend or a counselor whom one can safely communicate with during deep listening.

Body exercises for the braincognitive function

Research has shown that physical exercises improve the cognitive function. This is because work-out programs increases the levels of brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), which is a protein that enhances memory, learning and higher thinking through growth stimulation of new neurons and aid the existing neurons to stay alive. Exercising the body also exercises the brain. Obesity that occurs as a result of overweight can result to some serious devastating effects to the brain. Moreover, plaque can accumulate in blood vessels due to lack of exercises. Build-up of plaque can cause heart attacks as well as reducing the amount of nutrients and oxygen in blood carried to the brain.

Take naps and some good sleep at night

Having consistent sleep for approximately eight hours each night can increase one’s memory. The brain feeds up memories of information recently acquired. Getting abundant sleep aids through the full nocturnal cycles spectrum which are essential in body functioning and optimal brain. Taking some naps at daytime particularly after learning something which is new can help one to retain all the memories and recharge the brain hence keeping it sharp.

Seek assistance if depressed and eliminate stressors

Anxiety or anger are some of the major causes of stress and can affect the memory of the brain. Depression increases the cortisol levels in one’s bloodstream that elevates the levels of cortisol in the brain as well. High levels of cortisol have been known to diminish some specific parts of the brain particularly the hippocampus, which acts storage site for short-term memories. Prolonged depression therefore destroy one’s ability to remember something new. Professional advice is required to combat depression hence improve the brain memory. Chronic stress causes damage to the brain. Practicing meditation can also be used to decrease stress.

Visual concepts

Many people require to visual information when studying to enable them remember things. It is advisable to pay keen attention to charts, photographers and graphics which may appear in the book. In case you are not studying anything, you can set up a mental image of what you want to remember. This can as well help you visualize your own figures or charts.

Take nootropics

Nootropic supplements can help increase focus and mental acuity and are becoming a popular choice for high profile and stressed individuals to accelerate daily output. The best nootropic supplement currently available online is called Modafy and you can buy it on amazon here: modafy nootropic stack