The Renegade Diet Review

the renegade dietNot many people know what The Renegade Diet really is, and to many of them it may look very dangerous diet that doesn’t not comply with the laws of nature. However, this is completely far from the truth; because that is simply not true. This diet was invented by Jason Ferruggia, and he believes that people can lose weight and build their muscle at the same time by using this diet.

The main idea of The Renegade Diet is that people should fast every day, for about 16 hours. But that is not all, because then, people should under eat for about 4 hours, and then overeat for 4 hours. However, during that under eating, people should not intake any carbs, and should only eat vegetables; and during the process of overeating, people should intake carbs. Basically, during this diet, you will skip your breakfast, eat something light throughout the day, and then at night, you will overeat and eat plenty of carbs.

If people wish to gain more muscle mass, then this diet needs to be modified a bit. For example, one of the modifications includes a longer overeating period, and more fat and protein intake. Also, the fasting period should also be decreased, but it shouldn’t last under 14 hours a day!

Also, it is important to note that you can’t just rush into The Renegade Diet; your body and your metabolism first have to be ready for it. So, make sure you start adjusting your metabolism for this dietary program for about two weeks, and only then can you fully implement The Renegade Diet.

The good thing about this diet is the fact that it doesn’t require you to eat 5 or 6 times a day. This is good because nowadays we lead busy lives, and not many people have the time to complete all of that. That is why here, you only have to have a small lunch comprised of something light, and in the evening, when you get home, you can overstuff yourself with various fat and carb-related foods. Also, this diet will give your body more energy, due to the fact that it would be turned into a sympathetic nervous system, and not a parasympathetic one.

So, as we have seen, this diet may look like an experiment and nothing else, but this is not the case. The goal of The Renegade Diet is not to test your body and find out where its limitations are, its goal is to help you lose your body fat and gain more muscle mass. The most important thing about this diet is the fact that all the findings are backed up with scientific findings, and that is exactly why this diet is gaining more and more proponents as time goes by. The renegade diet review may seem a bit too confusing, but in fact, it is highly simple: you just follow the rules of it, and you should start losing weight, and through the modified program, you should also start gaining more muscle mass. Sounds great.