The CrossFit Diet: What’s On Your Plate?

CrossFit is gaining a lot of hype as the newest trend in intense workouts. More and more people are signing up for classes, intent on finding out for themselves if the weight loss benefits are really true. But what most people don’t know is that this kind of physical training requires certain strictness in dieting too.

If you’re intent on taking your CrossFit workout to a whole new level of efficacy, here’s a basic guide to teach you about proper nutrition for fitness.


What Food Should I Eat?

The most important staple in your diet during CrossFit is organic food. Base all your cooking ingredients on real food, like garden vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Avoid sugary and starchy food like muffins, donuts, cookies, and fried food. There are so many delicious recipes you can try and will take no more than 30 minutes to prepare. You can try garden salad sandwiches, spicy shrimp salads, non-fat yoghurt, whole-wheat toast on grilled cheese; the list is endless.

Tip: Make a homemade salad dressing and chill it in a glass bottle. When you’re ready to toss a salad, you don’t have to worry about making the dressing, which saves time.

If you hit the grocery store and end up confused about what to buy and what not to buy, use this rule: the longer a food lasts, the more suspicious you should be. Real food is perishable. Check out this killer video on what to buy for your food prep:

What Food Should I Avoid?

The basic guideline for fatty and high-cholesterol food is this: don’t eat too much. It is very challenging to avoid fats and cholesterol altogether, so you don’t have to get rid of them completely. Instead, keep a close eye on what you eat between meals. Often, these are high in sugar and artificial flavourings that are not good for your body. Donuts, for example, are high in carbohydrates, sugar, and fats. So if you feel like grabbing a bite at 4 in the afternoon, grab a cup of yoghurt or a small plate of fruit salad instead to satisfy your cravings.

Tip: bake, toss, or steam your food instead of frying or grilling them.

Minimise your consumption of high-glycemic carbohydrates; better yet, cross them out from your grocery list. Foods like bread, rice, potato, sweets, and sodas can cause health problems like raising your blood sugar rapidly or fattening your arteries.

What Is Paleo Diet? Is It Effective?

People who indulge in CrossFit often hear about the Paleo diet through their workout instructors. It’s an effective dieting program that focuses on quality and health. It also spares you from counting your calories and skipping meals.

It is actually short for “Paleolithic diet” which is based on the nutritional requirements of the “cavemen” in the Paleolithic period. Everything is pure, organic, and often raw. Basically, if a caveman can’t eat it, neither can you.

This diet is perfect if you hate counting your calories and measuring each high-carbohydrate ingredient you cook. Through the Paleo, your diet will only consist of vegetables, nuts, leafy greens, fruits, and lean meat. The muffins, cookies, cereals, popcorn, spam, and other processed foods will have to go.

Will It Work?

Most people consider the Paleo diet as a lifestyle rather than a dietary suggestion. For people who also benefit from CrossFit workouts, it seems to boost the effects of weight loss, core strength, and physical health altogether.

The Final Chew…

The efficacy of your diet works hand in hand with your commitment to stay fit, active, and strong. It’s not just about indulging in rigorous exercises thrice a week, but about fully committing yourself to a lifestyle that’s positive, proactive, and healthy. Good luck!

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