How To Work Out Like A Body Builder

Routine of the champion, now you try it!

This is an example of the training world-famous bodybuilders. For four years Jay Cutler is one step from wining the title of Mr. Olympia. Many other bodybuilders use this type of training in slight alterations alongside legal steroid supplements such as flexx labs. You can see improvement in two months if you are a beginner, and if you are in training for a year or so you will see a massive improvement in stamina as the program is used to engage most of the muscle groups with least energy.  This is a program that Jay uses while he is in the off-season. Maybe that’s exactly what you have needed.

Try it for yourself.

Day 1 Legs:

Front Squat, Leg Press, Hack Squat, Stepping Up with bars, Leg Extensions.Hamstrings: Lying Leg Curls, dead lifts with straight knees, Lunges, Unilateral Leg Curls. 3 sets – 8 to 10 repetitions per set

Day 2 Shoulders: Seated Side Lateral raise,Two-hand rowing, side lateral, rear deltoid machine.Triceps: shrug (front), shrug with dumbbells (frontal). 3 sets – 8 to 10 repetitions per set Upper back: body builderpull-ups (wide grip) – 6 a setPulling Lat medium/narrow grip – 4 set

Day 3 Chest: thrust with dumbbells, bench press, Pullovers, deterioration of the load, Counter bench dumbbell press.Biceps: Standing two-handed curls, dumbbell curl, Curl dumbbell bench, dumbbell curl Hammer. Triceps: Unilateral withdrawal cable, Lat thrust straight rods wide grip, Triceps extension flowing behind head, The Decline of the load parallel grip, narrow bench press. 3 sets – 8 to 10 repetitions per set

Day 4 Back: Pulling Lat machine, reverse grip wide, loose T – boating, rowing or reverse grip dumbbell rowing , rowing single lever resting on the bench , the lower rowing sitting on the lower pulley lat machine narrow grip dead lift (every other Sunday – 6 reps per set), hyperextensions with the additional weight, Lower rowing machine sitting on the max contraction. 3 sets – 10 to 14 repetitions per set (excluding rowing & T -bars; do about 4 sets each).

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This is just a suggestion but of course every body is a separate story.  What works for Jay may not work for you.  The key is to never give up and to stay focus on your goal.  Stay motivated and never give up.  Progress is a slow process, but the prize waits for you at the end.

No matter what routine you choose you will not gain mass if you do not pay attention to your diet too.  You should eat big to get big, work hard and rest hard.

Keep track of all your workouts and diet, so you can correct something when you notice that it is not working out for you.